Criminal Defence Solicitors

MPR Solicitors LLP was established to provide the best criminal defence service to clients in London and the UK with an emphasis on quality of service and client care. We have a dedicated team of criminal defence solicitors and  lawyers based in London specialising in all aspects of criminal law with a dedicated team of support staff and we pride ourselves in giving clients the best possible legal advice  and provide the highest quality 24 hour police station representation.

We provide 24 hour free representation at the police station as well as the full range of services at the Magistrates Court and Crown Court. Although we are based in London our solicitors will cover criminal cases throughout England and Wales.

Our criminal solicitors are specialist defence solicitors and are considered leaders in their fields.

At MPR you can be guaranteed to receive the best quality representation at each stage of your case. Our criminal defence solicitors will work with you in order to fully prepare your case and put forward a positive case at court. We take a pro-active approach in the way we will defend our cases so as to get the best outcome for our clients.

We can help defend you with any criminal case including:

There simply would not be enough room to cover a list of each and every criminal offence. Rest assured that at MPR we are experts at criminal litigation and and our solicitors will leave no stone unturned in the presentation of your case.

Whilst our Solicitors are based in London we represent our clients throughout the country including: Liverpool; Newcastle; Manchester; Nottingham; Leicester; Sheffield; Leeds; Bradford; Birmingham; Bristol; Wolverhampton; Nottingham; Oxford; Aylesbury; Norwich; Maidstone; Lewes; Canterbury. We will see our clients wherever they may be.