Police Stations Representatives 
& Courts Representation

When dealing with police investigations and any resulting prosecutions, it is essential to have specialist legal advice and representation. Our Police Station Representatives and criminal defence solicitors can ensure you have the very best representation for your defence right from the outset.

Police investigations and prosecutions are often long and complex, requiring a high level of legal skill and training to successful navigate. The members of our Criminal Defence team have decades of experience between them, supporting clients facing even the most difficult of circumstances, and have a very strong track record of success.

We understand how confusing and intimidating police investigations can be, and can offer the reassurance of strong advocacy for your defence while also ensuring you are kept up-to-date with the progress of your case at all times so you always understand what is happening and what to expect next.

For expert representation when interviewed under caution, arrested or facing court proceedings, speak to our criminal defence lawyers now by calling 020 3824 8080 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Our criminal defence service for police investigations and court proceedings

Our highly regarded criminal defence lawyers can assist you with every stage of police investigations, including:

  • The investigation
  • Interviews
  • Warrants
  • Orders for production of documents
  • Court proceedings

If you have been contacted by the police in reference to an offence, have been asked to attend an interview or have been arrested, get in touch straightaway so we can safeguard your interests.

Police Station Representation

Our team includes several accredited Police Station Representatives who offer 24/7 support if you are interviewed under caution or arrested by police. We offer sensitive, tactful but highly practical and effective support, helping to protect you and start building your defence from the earliest opportunity.

Magistrates Court Proceedings

Our criminal defence solicitors regularly represent clients in Magistrates Court. We cover all of the London Courts, as well as Essex, Berkshire, Surry, Middlesex and Hertfordshire and can also attend courts anywhere within England and Wales.

Crown Court Proceedings

We represent clients in Crown Court for the full range of criminal trials, including those related to the most serious and complicated offences. As well as having our own in-house barristers and Crown Court advocates, we also have links with some of the UK’s leading barristers chambers. As a result, we are able to represent clients from all over England and Wales in Crown Court proceedings.

Youth Court Proceedings

We understand the unique requirements of dealing with Youth Court proceedings, including the need to provide sensitive support to accommodate vulnerable young people during investigations and prosecutions. While based in London, we work with clients all over the UK.


Our criminal defence lawyers have a high success rate with appeals at all levels. We have a specialist appeals team helping to challenge a wide range of convictions for clients under even the most difficult of circumstances, ensuring you have a fair chance to challenge a verdict you believe is unfair.

Agency Services for other law firms

We regularly work with other law firms to provide specialist criminal defence services for their clients, including at the police interview stage and during court proceedings. We offer both hourly rates and fixed fee rates for our services.

Our expertise in Police Station Representation and criminal defence

Our criminal defence lawyers support clients every step of the way with police investigations and court proceedings, ensuring your best interests are protected at all times. With an exceptional track record of securing favourable outcomes for our clients, we can provide the expertise and skilled advocacy to make a real difference for your defence.

While we are based in Hounslow, we regularly work with clients in London and all over the country, including in Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Southampton. That means that, no matter where you are, we can step in to give you the benefit of our highly skilled Criminal Defence team.

Thanks to our years of successfully defending clients from a wide range of charges, we know all of the legal defence strategies that can be used in even the most complicated of cases. As a result, no possible angle will be missed and no option left unexplored as we build your defence.

We also have extensive experience with Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) proceedings, including confiscation and restraint of assets. Our particular skill in this area means we can help to protect your assets wherever possible and/or secure their early release in many cases.

As well as our own skills and knowledge, our criminal defence lawyers have established links with many leading experts in a number of fields, including DNA analysis, fingerprint identification, blood splatter analysis, telecoms, ballistics, voice recognition and forensic accountancy.

Alongside our own legal expertise, we also have successful relationships with some of the leading Barristers Chambers. This means that if a police investigation does lead to prosecution in court, we can ensure you have the very best legal representation available for your defence.

Contact our Police Station Representatives and Criminal Defence team now

It is essential to have specialist legal advice from the outset in police investigations and at all stages of court proceedings. This helps to make sure your interests are not compromised and any opportunities build your defence are not missed.

Even if you have already been interviewed by the police or are unhappy with the solicitors who represented you, our expert criminal defence lawyers can still step in to ensure you have the best possible legal defence.

Simply call 020 3824 8080 any time of day or night or use the link below to request a call back.