Money Laundering Solicitors

Many of the provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 impact upon individuals and businesses going about their everyday activities. These have been described as draconian provisions and place onerous obligations on businesses. The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 covers any business which handles large cash payments for goods or services. It also affects professional businesses within the Regulated Sector.

For example, money service bureaus are now required to register with HM Customs and Excise before they can continue to trade. Businesses will be required to introduce procedures to protect themselves from being used to launder money. Money laundering is defined as a process by which money obtained from criminal activity is exchanged for clean money or other assets with no obvious link to their criminal origins.

Even the most careful and experienced business person can find themselves on the wrong side of these regulations. Quite often innocent businesses are used by criminals in order to facilitate their money laundering.

Our team of confiscation & money laundering solicitors and experts at MPR Solicitors have built up considerable experience and have the support of teams of accountants and barristers and other professionals in order to mount a positive and proactive defence.

We are also able to advise businesses on how to implement anti-money laundering procedures in their workplace.

Our confiscation solicitors work with our clients to achieve the best possible advice and representation combining our expertise and dedication to individual needs.

We can advise and assist you on your case from our Head Office in Hounslow, our Hammersmith office or at our base in the City of London. Our London Fraud Solicitors can also visit you at your offices or wheresoever you are based.