Second Opinion

At MPR Solicitors we often receive enquiries from people seeking a second opinion from leading expert lawyers. It may be that they are looking for reassurance that what that have been told is correct or they may have an inkling that something is amiss from the advice they are receiving from their current solicitors.

We believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong in seeking a second opinion on important matters that will impact heavily on your life. In the medical world most sensible people will get a second opinion if for example they were suddenly told that they had a life threatening illness or had an incurable disease.

We are a niche practice specialising in criminal defence, serious fraud, white-collar crime.   We have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge in these areas, and our Senior Partner is also a barrister who understands the intricacies of defending criminal cases in front of a judge and jury.  Therefore, we are well-placed to offer a second opinion to individuals and companies on complex white-collar crime matters as well as to those facing criminal charges.

To contact our solicitors for a second opinion on your case, please call our office on 020 3824 8080 to make an appointment at our London office.

Our team focuses heavily on providing quality legal service and exceptional client care, regardless of whether a person is our client or simply wants a second opinion on the legal advice they have received.  We recruit talented solicitors who have a razor-sharp understanding of the core areas in which we practice.  We have a wide base of commercial clients based in the UK and abroad, and therefore, an in-depth understanding of the law in overseas jurisdictions.

Why is it important to get a second opinion?

When people encounter legal problems, they tend to contact ‘their solicitor’, i.e. the firm that prepared their Will or did the conveyancing for their home.  Or alternatively, they will ask for recommendations from a friend, who will direct them to their solicitor. 

Although most solicitors are exceptionally skilled at their jobs, the law is a massive, complex entity.  Each component cannot possibly be understood to an in-depth degree by one or two solicitors, which is why many law firms are now specialising specific areas such as property, elderly law or commercial disputes.

Our core areas are criminal defence serious fraud, white-collar crime.  We do not deviate from these fields of practice and have therefore gained an enormous wealth of experience and professional contacts both in the UK and internationally.

If you are facing criminal charges, a government body investigation into your business affairs it is wise and perfectly acceptable to seek a second opinion on the legal advice you are being given from a solicitor who specialises in these areas. 

Investigations and second opinions

Investigations by bodies such as the National Crime Agency and Serious Fraud Office can be stressful and massively interrupt your commercial operations.  We are one of the few law firms who specialise in advising and representing clients who are being investigated by these agencies and can provide an expert second opinion on any advice you receive. 

For example, you may be in doubt as to whether the documentation being provided to the agency is required.  Or, you may feel that your solicitor has not briefed you well enough to answer questions in an interview.  Our team will examine your matter thoroughly and provide an expert opinion on (a) the scope and power of the investigating team, (b) the information you are required to provide, and (c) whether a prosecution is likely.

Police prosecutions and second opinions

If you have been charged with a serious crime, your freedom, and personal and professional reputation may be in jeopardy.

With so much at stake, it is imperative that you seek a second opinion on your case, even if you are happy with your solicitor.  After all, if you were seriously ill, you would not hesitate to consult a medical expert for a second opinion on (a) the nature of your disease, and (b) how to cure it.

We have a wealth of experience in criminal law defence, ranging from providing pre-charge advice to representing clients in the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court.  If you are unsure of the advice you are receiving from your solicitor, or just want to check on the accuracy of what you are being told, we can provide a second opinion in complete confidence.

Sexual allegations and second opinions

Being accused of a sex crime is personally devastating and can lead to potentially disastrous consequences in every element of your life.

Clients who come to us seeking a second opinion on a sexual offence charge can expect a full analysis of their cases as it currently stands.  We will also, where appropriate, seek out fresh information via DNA, telecommunication and/or CCTV analysis.  In addition, we will examine you defence and establish if there is any other evidence that can be used to build an even stronger case on your behalf.

Our solicitors have specialist training in sexual offences and understand every element of creating a successful defence.  If an element of the prosecution’s evidence is weak and can be challenged, we will find it and establish a robust, persuasive argument in your favour.

Can I change solicitors if I am not happy?

You are entitled to change your solicitor at any time if you lose confidence in them or feel another solicitor could provide more experienced advice and representation.  If after receiving a second opinion from one of our team, you decide to instruct us, we will write to your current solicitor and ask for your file to be sent to us.

Obtaining a second opinion on serious legal matters is a highly sensible step to take.  We will advise you in the strictest confidence and with 100% integrity.

To contact our solicitors for a second opinion in complete confidence, please call 020 3824 8080 or fill in our contact form to get in touch.