Agency Solicitors

Our team of criminal solicitors are able to represent clients of other law firms at police stations and courts. We offer a full range of agency services at the following locations:

Police Stations: Our Criminal Solicitors cover: Hounslow, Richmond, Staines, Kingston, Hammersmith, Chiswick, Southall, Harrow, Wembley, Acton, Heathrow, City of London

Magistrates Courts: Our Criminal Solicitors cover: Ealing, Feltham, Hammersmith, Staines, West London, Brent, Uxbridge, South London, London Courts

Crown Courts: Our Criminal Solicitors cover: Isleworth, Kingston, Harrow, Guildford, Old Bailey, Southwark, Inner London, Blackfriars,  Croydon

We are able to offer reasonable and affordable rates for agency work on behalf of other solicitors at hourly rates and fixed fee rates. Please feel free to call and discuss all aspects of our agency services.