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MPR Solicitors are the solicitors of choice for anybody accused of any serious crime including Armed Robbery or Robbery. Whether you have been arrested or are due to be interviewed under caution by the police, or have been charged with a robbery offence, our specialist criminal defence lawyers can offer the support and skilled advocacy you need to secure a positive outcome.

Robbery offences carry serious penalties if you are convicted, including the possibility of life imprisonment for the most serious offences. Because a robbery charge is dependent on the use of force or threat of force, the details and supporting evidence are critical to establishing whether the offence is question can truly be classed as robbery, or whether lesser charges, such as theft, are more appropriate.

Our experience means we know exactly what is needed to start building an effective defence for you from the very start of criminal proceedings. We can ensure no detail or possible angle of defence is overlooked, helping to see the charges against you dropped wherever possible, or making sure the groundwork is laid for the best possible defence during court proceedings.

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Our criminal defence services for robbery offences

Our criminal defence team have extensive experience representing clients in relation to robbery charges with a very strong track record of success.

Our expertise includes offences related to:

  • Conspiracy to Rob
  • Armed Robbery
  • Robbery
  • Firearms offences & other weapons

We regularly achieve positive outcomes for clients facing even the most serious and complicated robbery charges, having built a reputation for our exceptional advocacy and first class service supporting our clients through these difficult situations.

Our expertise in robbery defence

Our criminal defence team represent clients facing robbery charges all over England and Wales. In the past we have work with clients in locations such as Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Leicester, Northampton, Croydon, Kingston, Maidstone, Lewes, Canterbury, Southampton and London.

Our practice has been built on a reputation for providing a first class criminal defence service, achieving success for our clients under even the most challenging circumstances. We have worked on a number of high profile cases over the years, giving us experience of representing clients at the highest level.

Our team includes a mixture of accredited Police Station Representatives, solicitors and barristers, meaning we can handle your case from start-to-finish, providing a smooth, efficient and highly effective criminal defence service for robbery charges.

Our criminal defence lawyers have strong links with leading experts in a number of fields, including DNA analysis, fingerprint evidence, blood splatter evidence, call data record analysis; ballistics, body mapping, CCTV enhancement and voice/speech recognition analysis.

Through the barristers on our team, we have very close links with some of the UK’s leading Barristers Chambers. This means that if your case goes to court, we can ensure you have the very best representation possible from barristers with specific experience in robbery offences.

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Common questions about robbery offences

What is the definition of robbery?

Under the Theft Act 1968, a crime may be considered robbery if:

  1. A person steals something.
  2. Immediately before or during the theft, they use force or cause any person to fear that force will be used.

What is the maximum sentence for robbery?

The maximum sentence for robbery or assault with intention to rob is life imprisonment. The circumstances surrounding the crime can be critical to the actual sentence received if convicted, however, so it is essential that all relevant factors be established and effectively presented during court proceedings.

What is armed robbery?

There is no specific offence for ‘armed robbery’ in England and Wales. What many people think of as armed robbery, i.e. entering a building armed with a weapon or imitation weapon in order to commit theft, is actually classed as aggravated burglary.

Aggravated burglary carries with it a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, although again, the exact details of the offence will be critical to the sentence for anyone convicted of such an offence.

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When facing investigation or prosecution for a robbery offence, having the support of specialist criminal defence lawyers from the outset is essential to ensure your defence can start being built effectively straight away.

Our highly regarded robbery defence lawyers can represent you from your initial contact with police right through to court proceedings, giving you the strongest possible chance of a positive outcome.

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