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City Banker instructs MPR solicitors for pre-charge advice on stalking allegations

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The MPR Private Client Department headed by Partner Seema Parikh have been instructed to provide pre-charge advice to a City Banker for allegations of stalking which are being investigated by police.

Our client is a senior Banker at one of the top Private Banking Corporates located in The City of London and whose role often involves travel to the US at short notice. Any arrest and/or conviction would have an adverse affect for any individuals seeking to travel to the US at short notice or under the ESTA visa waiver scheme.

Our brief: to avoid arrest and/or charge.

At MPR solicitors, if we are instructed at the early stages of a police investigation, in many instances we can avoid the necessity and embarrassment of a police arrest and can arrange a mutually convenient date and time to both the client and the police for an interview under caution by appointment at a local police station.

Depending in the nature of the allegation and the individual circumstances of each case, we can also negotiate a caution plus 3 interview which is essentially an interview under caution but not under arrest which means that no biometrics (photograph, fingerprints and DNA mouth swab) would be taken from the individual being questioned.

This also means that we can plan with our client how to approach the interview and draw up a road map often preparing additional evidence which may be of importance to the overall defence strategy and may be of use to disclose to police at an early stage to avoid a charge.

We can also commence pre-charge engagement with the police which is now gaining popularity with major forces across the country and in particular certain branches of the Metropolitan Police and Surrey Police.

At MPR solicitors we have many years of experience in providing pre-charge advice and pre-charge engagement with the investigating authorities including the SFO (Serious Fraud Office) to avoid charges being brought.

If you have been contacted by the police to attend a voluntary interview, please be aware that it is still a formal interview under police caution and can be used in evidence against you should your case be brought to trial or you are charged with a criminal offence for which you were originally interviewed.

If the police have left you a calling card and you wish to avoid a further dawn raid or a visit to your place of employment, then please get in touch with MPR solicitors for an initial confidential fixed fee consultation with one of our specialist criminal defence solicitors as to how to engage with the police and how MPR solicitors can guide you through this often stressful period and offer you professional advice and legal representation.

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