Legal Aid

Legal Aid can give you financial help to obtain the expert advice you need.

The firm is a member of the Legal Aid Agency Specialist Fraud Panel and consequently is able to ensure that clients obtain the benefit of Legal Aid in even the most complex and high value fraud cases.

MPR Solicitors has long been dedicated to the provision of Legally Aided publicly funded work in Criminal Law.

Anyone can apply for Legal Aid, but whether you qualify depends on your financial position. Even if you own your own home and have some savings in the bank, you could still get some financial help.

There are 2 basic criteria to which need to be fulfilled to determine whether you may qualify for Legal Aid:

  1. Whether it is in the interests of justice for Legal Aid to be granted in your case, AND
  2. You  meet the financial eligibility tests.

To work out if you may qualify for Legal Aid please use this Legal Aid calculator:

Legal Aid Calculator

In order to make an application for Legal Aid you will need to evidence:

  1. Proof of your Benefits entitlement (if you are on benefits)
  2. Three months of payslips from your employment
  3. Three months of all bank statements
  4. Proof of rent/mortgage payments for three months
  5. Proof of any maintenance payments you make
  6. Details of all other payments that you make under a court order
  7. Evidence of all regular outgoings

**If you are married or live with a partner then we will also need to submit the above information in relation to your spouse or partner as it is joint household income that is taken into account by the Legal Aid Agency in assessing your entitlement to Legal Aid.

**Certain state benefits will give you automatic entitlement to Legal Aid. We will be able to advise you if you qualify.

Depending upon the means assessment you may be granted Legal Aid with or without a contribution by yourself. If you are given a nil assessment then this means that you will not haver anything to pay. Many people are required to pay a contribution towards their Legal Aid bill. This will be assessed on your means and you will be required to make monthly payments.

If you are given a high contribution assessment then sometimes we can conduct your case at a cheaper cost and we will apply to cancel the Legal Aid on your behalf as it will end up costing you more.