Driving Offences Solicitors

With the ever increasing legislation governing the use of our roads by motorists it is the use of our cars that brings most people into contact with the criminal justice system and the criminal courts for the first time. This can be a daunting experience and one which can have consequences on whether you drive home from court or are forced to take the bus.

In many cases the loss of a driving licence can have drastic consequences on a career or personal circumstances. At MPR Solicitors we have a team of expert road traffic and motoring solicitorswho will help you stay on the road.

Because of the complexities of Road Traffic and Motoring  law the enforcement agencies often make procedural errors and  our solicitors  are able to exploit all available loopholes to get the best results for our clients.

If you have been disqualified it may be that we can help in getting your disqualification removed.

Our solicitors can represent you for all road traffic  and motoring matters throughout England & Wales.

Our road traffic and motoring solicitors work with our clients to achieve the best possible advice and representation combining our expertise and dedication to individual needs.

We can help you with:

Our Solicitors in our Motoring Team are highly experienced and if you have a case then we will be honest and tell you. If you don’t have a good defence we will tell you not to waste your money but leave the choice with you. Whatever choice you make we will strive to present your case in the best way possible.


  • Expert Legal Advice on all aspects of Road Traffic Law to keep you on the road