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MPR Solicitors instructed in serious transnational homicide case

MPR Solicitors have been instructed in a serious transnational homicide matter with links to Eastern European Mafia. This is an extremely serious case where the victim received no less than 14 stab wounds. The post-mortem report cites the cause of death as a stab wound to the heart.

Some Eastern European gangs are notorious for these types of extreme killings and this case is no exception, especially when considering the frenzied attack the victim endured.

At MPR, we have both the skill and expertise to tackle the multijurisdictional and transnational issues that inevitably arise in cases of this nature. Our specialist murder team are used to dealing with cases which transgress national boundaries and in a case of this nature such attributes are vital to ensuring the best outcome for our clients.

Murder carries a life sentence on conviction and is a unique offence that does not require the prosecution to prove an intention to kill. Intention to cause serious harm will suffice to secure a murder conviction. We have represented defendants in a number of homicide matters recently and have secured outstanding results.

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