Abdullah Al-Yunusi

Senior Partner- Barrister

Abdullah is a barrister and is the Senior Partner at MPR. He is a senior barrister and is also an associate member in a premier barristers chambers in London listed in the Legal 500.

Abdullah brings a wealth of experience to the MPR team. He is an experienced lawyer and trial advocate as well being a litigator and can therefore prepare a case from the very early stages.Since being called to the Bar in 1994 he has developed his experience and practice in defending in serious and complex trials and has acted in a number of high profile cases. He is frequently involved in advising clients at the pre-charge investigative stage and works pro actively to either avoiding proceedings and building the defence case. Abdullah has extensive experience in allegations of serious fraud, money laundering, murder and drug trafficking. He is also an astute litigator.

Abdullah has has particular experience in:

  • Serious Fraud
  • Bribery & Corruption
  • Breaches of Sanctions, Embargoes & Restrictions
  • VAT & Tax frauds/ Advance Fee Fraud
  • Confiscation and Asset Recovery & Forfeiture
  • International Law
  • Business Law
  • Regulatory Law
  • Commercial Litigation

Abdullah is highly thought of by other lawyers and professionals as well as his clients. Unlike other lawyers in the U.K. he can perform the functions of a solicitor litigator as well as a barrister which is a definite advantage in the way he is able to represent his client’s interests and is cost effective in many instances for our clients.

He acts in an advisory capacity to a number of corporations. He has represented many company directors in connection with their business affairs and allegations of fraudulent trading and regulatory infringements. Abdullah also advises Money Service Businesses and other Financial Institutions on anti-money laundering provisions and legislation in order for them to implement compliance procedures. He also represents directors of companies charged with money laundering offences and other regulatory and financial irregularities.

Abdullah is one of a handful of barristers in the country who is also a partner in a law firm. He joined MPR Solicitors in 2010 when changes in the regulations meant that barristers were allowed to become partners in law firms. Abdullah recognised this change as a way in which he would be able to offer a greater level of client care and be able to influence early preparation in a case which is crucial in determining a favourable outcome. He is able to prepare his cases from an early stage in a way in which other barristers are not able to do. He is also able to offer early access to clients which can mean more thorough and focused preparation leading to improved prospects of success and is usually engaged to advise clients in criminal proceedings at the pre-charge stage.


He also regularly conducts appellate matters in the Court of Appeal.

Abdullah also regularly appears as Leading Counsel in more complex cases where he heads a team of lawyers on a case.

What others say about Abdullah

  • a no nonsense approach and a refreshing change to see a barrister who also litigates the case…which gives a definite edge

  • Pragmatic approach to get the results for his client…

Examples of recent cases

  • Bribery & Corruption

    R v M: (SFO)- (Southwark): Represented defendant following his extradition to UK in connection with a mult-million pound energy corruption case. The investigation concerned oil & gas projects in Singapore, Egypt and The Russian Federation in relation to contracts worth over £300 million.

    R v LN: (SFO)- Operation Jasmine (Southwark): Representation of defendant concerning allegations of bribery and corruption in connection with North Sea exploration projects. 

    R v GH: (NCA)- Investigation by NCA into corrupt payments to state owned entity. 

  • Fraud & Business Crime

    R v RC: Operation Aguilar - (Southwark): A complex case prosecuted by the DWP concerning a large scale 'Access to Work" fraud on public funds.

    R v H: Operation Smarten - (Birmingham): Leading Junior for the first defendant who was a director of a Money Service Business in a £125 million money laundering case involving complex analysis of international banking systems; hawala; US and EU trade sanctions and MSB operations & compliance.

    R v P: (High Court RCJ & Crown Court):  Representing the lead Defendant in a Prosecution by OFT in a case involving allegations of an illegal pyramid selling/ multi-level marketing scheme. All criminal charges were dropped on the day of the trial following lengthy submissions on jurisdiction following which the case was disposed of by civil undertakings at the High Court.

    R v TG- (Guildford): A property investment fraud involving the mis-selling of timeshares in properties in Spain & Portugal. Case involved defrauding of investors from 28 different countries.

    R v. CY and others- (Isleworth)(Complex Financial Crime Unit): Banking fraud involving a multi-million pound fraud on the clearing banks. Client cleared of the most serious charges.

    R v. PS Software and others (Trading Standards)- (Norwich) Leading junior in one of the largest Microsoft trademark infringement case representing director of large software company. Case involved complex argument on third party disclosure and abuse of process 2 months into the trial following which the Prosecution dropped the case.

    R v. S and others: (Financial Crime Unit) (Winchester) Leading junior in a large-scale credit card cloning fraud valued in losses of several million pounds.

    R v KS & ors- (Southwark): Successfully Defending client in a MTIC fraud alleging a VAT evasion of in excess of £80 million.

    R v. SI and others : (Northampton) Successfully represented  a company director Missing trader intra-community (MTIC) fraud and money laundering – value over £100 million [Operation Capri]

    R v. Z Ltd: (Southwark) Offences under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. An investment fraud deceiving over 200 investors in buy to let property schemes and subsequent mortgage frauds. Client found Not Guilty following a submission of no case to answer.

    R v. F and others:(Northampton)  Representing the director of a company in a Missing trader intra-community (MTIC) fraud and money laundering – value over £200 million [Operation Devout]. Client was found Not Guilty following lengthy legal argument.

    R v. KZ and others: (Woolwich) Series of cases involving VAT fraud (£150 million) and largest corruption case to date involving Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs officers. A protected jury case. [Operation Bradford; Operation Mamba].

    R v. GZ and others-(Southwark): (SOCA)Money laundering proceeds of Columbian cartels through a number of money service bureaux. Case involved gathering defence evidence from Colombia and USA in order to mount  a pro-active defence. Client was found Not Guilty of money laundering and pleaded guilty to some technical infringements for which he was given a fine by the court and thereby escaping a lengthy custodial sentence. [Operation Cherbule]

    R v. HZ- (Isleworth): Acting for the lead Defendant concerning allegations of  Money laundering by a director of a money service bureau involving in excess of £25 million.

    MHRA  v. BRR Pharma- (Reading) (MHRA): Major prosecution by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency(MHRA) in relation to production, importation and distribution of counterfeit medicines.

    R v. TY others-(Cardiff): Farming fraud involving EU funds.

    R v. HZ- (Birmingham): Long firm fraud by a company director involving several of his companies.

    R v. O and others: (Manchester): Leading junior in a missing trader fraud. Client was cleared of all charges,

    R v. BG- (Leeds):  NHS fraud involving a head of department diverting hospital finances over a seven-year period. Client was found Not Guilty of 12 charges and guilty on 3 minor less serious charges and thereby escaped a prison sentence.

    R v. LY and others- (Coventry): Fraud involving Conservative Party funds.

    R v. AI and others: (Leicester) Large social security fraud involving false and stolen identities. Client was found Not Guilty of all charges.

    R v D & ors: (Nottingham):  Case involved largest seizure of class A drugs in the North of England. Acting for director of Bureau de change charged with laundering millions of pounds of drug money through his businesses.

  • Homicide

    R v DW- (Central Criminal Court):  Acting for Youth charged with Murder in high profile case emanating out of the Ealing Riots.

    R v PW -(Manchester): Triple murder of ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ contestant and her family. High profile case which required particular sensitive handling.

    R v. AJ-(Birmingham): False confession case involving issues of entrapment and unlawful covert operations. Case was dismissed following legal argument on the admissibly of evidence.

    R v. JM-(Wolverhampton):  contract killing of adulterous husband. Client was acquitted after trial.

    R v. BG-(Central Criminal Court): Baby shaking case. Complex case involving complicated forensic and medical evidence.Client was found Not Guilty of Murder.

    R v. DS- (Central Criminal Court): Gangland violence. One of the guideline cases on the interpretation of the sentencing provisions under the provisions of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 section 269 and schedule 21

    R v. BL; R v. W; R v. G: Mental health issue cases – diminished responsibility- Murder was reduced to Manslaughter.

    R v. BD- (Wolverhampton) Cumulative provocation issues-Client was found not guilty of Murder.

    R v. HL; R v. M- (Central Criminal Court) All Cases involving youths charged with murder

    R v. NS- (Central Criminal Court): A road rage killing.

    R v. SJ and others; R v. C and others; R v. W and others- (Central Criminal Court) Gangland violence cases

    R v. JM-(Birmingham): A case involving a love triangle killing. Client found Not Guilty of all charges.

  • Drugs Conspiracy Cases

    R v AW (Kingston)(SOCA): One of the biggest drugs conspiracy cases of recent times involving multiple importations of large volumes of Class A drugs through bonded warehouses.

    R v JS-(Isleworth)(SOCA): Case with 18 Defendants concerning allegations of large conspiracy to supply drugs.

    R v. IK and others (Woolwich) (SOCA):  Leading junior in a massive conspiracy involving the importation and supply of over 100 million pounds worth of cocaine (Operation Eaglewood)

    R v. HT: Leading junior in a drugs conspiracy involving importations of lorry loads of drugs.

    R v. MD and others: Large-scale importations of cocaine and heroin

    R v. SM and others: Large-scale cocaine importation involving corrupt security services officers

    R v. SD and others: Large-scale importations of heroin involving corrupt British Airways baggage handlers at Heathrow airport

    R v. SO and others: Major importation production and distribution of drugs in UK

  • Other Cases

    R v. SD and others: Leading junior in a case involving large-scale transcontinental people trafficking into the EU and subsequent bonded labour.

    R v. BA and others: Leading junior in one of the largest human smuggling investigations in the UK, involving corrupt officials at Heathrow airport and Virgin Atlantic Airways [Operation Outreach]

    R v. WN: Supply of arms. This case involved one of the largest illegal arms factories to be discovered in the UK.

    R v. AF and others: Conspiracy to cause explosions – (nail-bombings)

    R v. WX: Series of nationwide armed robberies.

    R v. TH and others: Series of armed robberies involving fundraising for Tamil Tigers.

    R v. P and others: Large-scale importations of cigarettes.

    R v. IQ and others: A case involving kidnap and torture of a rival gang member.

  • Court Of Appeal(reported cases)

    Attorney General’s Reference (No 43 of 2009) Court of Appeal (Criminal Division): Guideline case on serious firearms offences. Updates R v Avis. Guidelines on discretionary life imprisonment and imprisonment for public protection

    R v Jones (2005) EWCA:  Guideline case on sentencing in murder cases and setting of minimum terms

    R v Barnard (2005) EWCA Crim 268; (2005) 2 Cr App R (S) 81: Guidelines on Manslaughter/ Provocation

    R v Ahmed (2003) EWCA Crim 3627: Case concerning exclusion of police interviews

    R v Pegg (2003) EWCA Crim 2262: sentencing in dangerous driving cases

    R v Adu Yeboah (2002) EWCA Crim 2852: Sentencing in cases of possession with intent to supply class A drugs