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MPR Solicitors instructed to represent suspect in the Geeta Aulakh (Severed Hand) murder case

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Mother of two Geeta Aulakh was found fatally injured in Greenford and a major police investigation was launched headed by the Murder Investigation Team. Further arrests were made on 19 November 2009 as a result of police enquiries.

MPR Solicitors were instructed to represent one of 6 suspects arrested in a second waive of intense police activity in the Ealing area in relation to this high profile murder case. With our expertise in defending serious crime and extensive knowledge of police procedure, we were able to convince the police to release our client without charge. It is a suspect’s right to be represented at the police station and this is enshrined within the Codes of Practice in the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE).  

How can MPR Solicitors help you?

MPR Solicitors offer 24 hour police station representation and cover all police stations within London and the South East. If you have been asked to attend a police interview or if you have a friend or family member who has been arrested and requires representation at the police station, please contact us.

We have a team of dedicated police station advisors ready to assist you.

All police station representation is funded by Legal Aid and is not means tested.