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MPR Solicitors instructed on conspiracy to supply class B drugs and large scale money laundering

Seema Parikh, Partner in the Complex Crime Team has been instructed to represent a number of defendants in a drugs conspiracy case with money laundering offences attached. All of her clients are on bail following robust submissions made to the police. The case also includes large-scale case seizure proceedings running in tandem.

The case will be led by Seema Parikh as Partner with overall conduct of the case and will be assisted by Senior Solicitor Jyothi Somavarapu and the complex crime team.

Seema has a formidable track record in managing to restore cash seized from individuals. Meticulous preparation and a grasp of complex and voluminous paperwork is the key to successful applications for detained cash.

Jyothi is a dynamic solicitor who engages with clients and their family. She is also a tenacious advocate in court and adviser at police stations.

Recent examples of successful applications on cash seizures:

R v AA at Chelmsford Crown Court – successful appeal against cash forfeiture

R v S at Westminster Magistrates Court – successful return of substantial cash seized by police without the need to contest at court

R v B at Westminster Magistrates Court – successful return of large amount of cash following contested hearing

You should note that in nearly all cases involving cash seizures, where a claim is successful, there is no automatic right to recover legal costs (either in part or at all). In only very rare circumstances, is there an opportunity to recover part of a claimant’s legal costs.

For further information about advice and representation for cash seizures, please contact us for an initial consultation with one of our specialist cash seizure solicitors and we will be able to give you a realistic appraisal of your case.

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