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MPR Solicitors instructed in £1M confiscation appeal

MPR Solicitors Senior Partner and barrister Abdullah Al-Yunusi has been privately retained to represent a Defendant in a large and complex Confiscation appeal.

The confiscation originated from a large-scale money laundering conspiracy case involving over £125 million which was tried at Birmingham Crown Court and lasted over 4 months. Whilst we did not originally represent the client for their trial, we were also involved in the same case for another Defendant and were successful in resisting complex confiscation proceedings against him.

We were instructed in this case due to our intricate knowledge of the issues of the case having already represented a co-defendant in the same trial successfully and in relation to confiscation proceedings.

There was no conflict of interest between the two defendants and we were therefore able to take the case on when we were approached to take over the appeal.

MPR Solicitors only undertake privately funded appeal cases. We can give you a realistic appraisal of your case and an estimate as to costs during an initial consultation and in cases where a client is in custody we can arrange prison visits or video links if the prison has that facility.

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