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International Art Fraud and the criminal defence solicitor

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International Art Fraud and the criminal defence solicitor

Seema Parikh trained to be a solicitor in London but between her professional studies, her passion for Art took her to Italy and Russia for 12 months where she was able to combine her legal knowledge with issues such as authenticity and art in crime such as money laundering and fine art forgery.

She is the Firm’s Specialist Art Fraud Lawyer within the Serious Fraud and Complex Crime Department and has acted for the Iraqi Embassy, art galleries and private individuals in a variety of cases. Typically cases may involve representing and defending in allegations of art fraud such as counterfeit fine art or protecting cultural property from leaving a jurisdiction; tracing assets and advising in pro-active anti-fraud initiatives.

Due to the multi-disciplinary and often multi-jurisdictional approach cases can take, Seema Parikh has access to specialists with whom she also collaborates for the efficient handling of clients’ cases.

Interpol and the FBI have recently targeted high profile personalities and institutions in relation to Art Crime and money laundering. Trained FBI agents in forgery investigations for the Homeland Security’s Cultural Heritage Protection Program have been more active in the Art World.

Dealing in fine art can often land innocent buyers or even dealers in a predicament due to the raft of forgeries and scams being operated worldwide often requiring specialist defence art fraud solicitors and lawyers like MPR solicitors to act. Art Fraud dates back to the ancient Romans who copied classical Greek statues and now in the 21st century, in the international art world about 40% of art work is made up of forgeries according to an article in TIME Magazine.