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Trident Gang Crime Command - simply known as Trident

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Operation Trident was the Met Police Specialist Unit originally set up to tackle gun crime in London’s Afro-Caribbean communities following several fatal shootings. By 2012 the Unit dealt with all non-fatal shootings and the new Trident Gang Crime Command has taken on a larger remit other than fatal shootings.

The latest version of the Trident Operational Command Unit deals with all gun related crime and is no longer focused purely on Black on Black gun crime.

At MPR solicitors, members of the firm have been involved in defending all types and stages of investigations and proceedings involving Operation Trident in its old and current form. We have seen the evolution of this specialist operational command unit within the MPS and we believe that through our combined experience over the years, we are well placed to deal with cases with sensitivity to minority issues and also with the wider aspect of the now highly complex specialist knowledge that is often required when defending gun crime and large-scale conspiracy cases.

We offer our clients a pro-active defence and can harness a strong legal team consisting of expert defence solicitors and barristers often at short notice.

The Trident Operational Command Team acts invariably on intelligence and dawn Raids are the norm using highly effective armed Trojan Units to carry out targeted planned arrests. If you think you or a family member could be the subject of a Dawn Raid, contact us 24/7 on 020 3824 8080 to discuss your concerns or if you think you are being wrongly targeted within the community, ask to speak to one of our experienced defence solicitors in complete confidence.

Call MPR solicitors on 020 3824 8080 for advice and representation and see how we can make the difference.