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MPR represent student on drugs supply charges

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MPR solicitors secure basis of plea for undergraduate on drugs charges to avoid custodial sentence

Our client was charged with possession with intent to supply cannabis. The police stopped a vehicle with 3 occupants and a rucksack containing drugs was found in the car. As a result of the stop, section 18 searches were conducted at each of the occupants addresses. Our client’s home address was searched and the police found over £1000 worth of drugs, a safe and scales and other paraphernalia usually associated with drug dealing such as snap bags. Our client was unrepresented at the police station and subsequently charged with possession of cannabis with intent to supply. The family got in touch with us and we took over conduct of the case.

 As our client had made admissions in the police station interview and the evidence was overwhelming, we took a specific direction and case strategy: to minimise the sentence and avoid a custodial sentence if possible.

Our senior partner who is also a barrister with over 20 years experience in criminal defence was able to negotiate an extremely favourable basis of plea which the CPS ( Crown Prosecution Service) Senior Crown Prosecutor accepted. Our senior partner also represented the client at his sentencing hearing at the crown court and the Judge’s hands were tied as to what sentence they could pass due to the agreed basis of plea and excellent mitigation advanced on behalf of the client.

Our client was sentenced to a low level community penalty and avoided what would have been an unavoidable prison sentence had it not been for the agreed basis of plea that had been negotiated ahead of the sentencing hearing. Even the sentencing judge raised an eyebrow and passed comment about the deal that has been secured on behalf of the client.

At MPR solicitors we take pride in delivering the best results for our clients.

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