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Rise of the HNW seasonal arrests for domestic violence

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The end of the festive period heralds one of the busiest weeks of the New Year for Family Law and Divorce enquiries. Coupled with this is the increase of allegations of domestic violence or domestic related abusive or controlling behaviour.

We have seen a marked increase in the number of arrests and requests for voluntary interviews following the holiday period. Equally we have seen an increase of enquiries about Matrimonial Matters and Divorce proceedings.

This can be a very stressful and traumatic time for all parties concerned particularly when the allegations are demonstrably false and have only been made with a view to using the evidence of an arrest for Family Law proceedings. This is why it is crucial for anyone with assets and may be undergoing matrimonial issues accused of domestic violence should be properly represented at the police station by expert criminal defence lawyers and/or should also be properly advised by an experienced Family Law practitioner.

Effective advice at the police station by expert criminal defence solicitors like the team at MPR solicitors can make all the difference between a caution, a charge or simply not getting a criminal record at all.

Solid and sensible Family Law advice is key to resolving matters and often a Collaborative approach is more sensible than an ostensibly hostile one.

MPR solicitors have successfully acted for a diverse range of clients in such cases and at different stages in the proceedings including company directors, employees, bankers, overseas students, HNWs, professionals, school teachers, private individuals, people working in the Film and Media and in Sports.

We can also combine our expertise in both Criminal Law and Family Law to offer a coordinated and unified defence and will offer our clients a bespoke and highly pragmatic approach to their cases with no nonsense straight forward advice.

What happens if you are arrested? What happens if you are charged? Who will attend the police station to represent you at 4 in the morning or at midnight? What should you do in the police interview? Should you accept a caution? Will you get bail? Why can’t I see my own children? Why have the police imposed these bail conditions on me? Why can’t I live at my own home address, I haven’t done anything? Is my partner allowed to change the locks to our house? What can I do, my partner is not letting me in and all my belongings are in the family home? What is controlling and coercive behaviour?

These are just some of the questions we are asked by lay clients in relation to criminal allegations of domestic violence and related cases.

We treat all our clients with respect and understanding and never judge anyone. We seek to build long term relationships with our clients so that they can feel they can contact us at any time in their personal lives and seek legal and/or pragmatic advice about their individual cases or situations.

If you would like to know more about how MPR solicitors could make a difference or wish to contact us, please call and let us guide you through it.