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MPR rated as boutique firm for City professionals facing criminal allegations

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MPR solicitors has developed an envious position as a niche firm for professional clients who are facing criminal allegations. The types of offences can range from motoring offences all the way to murder including domestic violence.

There are many different approaches that a defence solicitor can take depending on the facts of a case, the particular circumstances of the client, the financial ability of a client to spend on specialists and experts, and a lot more.

 At MPR solicitors we make the effort to get to know our clients and spend as long as it takes to put forward the best possible defence or to actively engage in a pro-active defence often at a early stage with a view to negotiating with the police and CPS to either dropping the case completely or to review charges with a view to considering alternative methods of disposal.

This can also apply to the children of clients and their spouses. For instance we often act for families where teenage children have been led astray and need the assistance and often astute and pragmatic advice of specialist criminal solicitors to avoid convictions and to keep them out of the Criminal Justice System altogether. We have a team of specialist solicitors who act and represent children and teenagers of professional clients caught up in police investigations. We understand how upsetting and stressful this can be for both the young individual concerned but also their families and how this can impact long term for families of CEOs and Executives seconded overseas and in particular to the US, Australia and Malaysia to name but a few countries where arrests and criminal convictions of close family members could easily lead to individuals not being permitted to enter those jurisdictions.

This year we have successfully acted for bankers, accountants, executives and software engineers including providing advice and representation to children of professional clients.

If you would like to discuss how MPR solicitors could make a difference to your case or that of a family member please contact us in the strictest of confidence.

We do not offer free consultations but can offer a fixed fee initial consultation with a senior solicitor or Partner in our Private Client Team.