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Pre-charge advice: MPR instructed to act for Public School Teacher

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Seema Parikh, Partner in the Private Client Department at MPR solicitors has been retained to advise and represent a senior teaching professional at a prestigious public school in respect of allegations of sexual assault at the pre-charge stage.

The case involves historic allegations which will require a pro-active pre-charge strategy and defence.

At MPR solicitors, we have specialist criminal defence solicitors and lawyers who provide strategic advice at the pre-charge stage with a view to either minimising the charges brought or to persuade the Crown Prosecution Service not to pursue the case at all for lack of evidence, not in the public interest or the case does not pass the CPS’s own threshold for a realistic prospect of a conviction. If the latter is achieved, the overwhelming stress factor is a huge burden lifted from both the client and their family. It can also limit the long-term employment cost to the client.

These kinds of allegations can be deeply distressing, confusing, hurtful and devastating for a professional within a teaching/educational setting.

Due to the nature of the allegations, if a suspect is released on police bail it is usually with very onerous bail conditions that can prevent further work both short term and long term ultimately leading from suspension to dismissal. That is why it is crucial that the investigation is expedited in order to minimise the police bail period by placing the police under pressure.

At MPR solicitors, we are experienced in negotiating with the police in regards to bail conditions and will if necessary challenge police imposed bail conditions at court at the pre-charge stage. We can also object to police court applications to extend police bail periods beyond the initial 3 months.

If you would like to find out more as to how MPR solicitors can make a difference to your case at the pre-charge stage, please get in touch with us for a confidential consultation with one of our specialist pre-charge advice criminal defence solicitors on 0203 824 8080 or email us at