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Pre-charge advice and second opinion advice from MPR solicitors Criminal Defence Experts

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The firm has seen a rise in its pre-charge and second opinion advice in criminal cases from clients referred to the Firm through recommendation and its ability to offer no nonsense pragmatic advice.

It is not uncommon for individuals particularly professionals and those without any previous convictions to seek advice from the specialists in an area that they are unlikely to be familiar with. Our lawyers are caring, compassionate professional individuals, specialists in their chosen field of criminal litigation and will offer pragmatic, tailored solutions for the individual client. No two cases are the same and no one glove fits all. It is crucial to have an ability to think outside the box without losing sight and offering strategic and cost effective advice. We can work alongside existing legal teams and enhance the case progression or we can work independently; often a fresh approach can add value to a case and confidence in a client.

If you or a friend or relative have been charged, arrested or are being investigated for a criminal allegation and you are worried or uncertain about the advice you are currently receiving, please get in touch for a second opinion or pre-charge advice to see how MPR solicitors may be able to assist. We will be happy to offer you a second opinion or pre-charge advice at any stage of your case. Call us on 020 3824 8080 or email us at