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MPR solicitors secure acquittal for youth in attempted murder trial

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Our client who is a youth was charged along with 5 other adults of attempted murder (using an unlawful firearm ) and with conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm. The case involved a stabbing and a shooting and was gang-related in Isleworth. The case attracted both local and national media coverage.

A Russian Baikal self-loading 9mm short calibre pistol with a silencer was used in the attempted murder shooting together with several rounds of Sellier and Bellot 9mm cartridges. Local tensions were high.

There were several complex issues in the case which required sensitive and expert handling which included:

Forensic scrutiny of the evidence

DNA evidence and transference

Gunpowder residue

Analysis of firearm and cartridge casings ballistic reports

Expert knowledge of the law on firearms and the technicalities

Phone downloads and the ability to swiftly analyse and digest raw data consisting of 70,000 pages of entries and to consider how that evidence assists or undermines the defence case

The complex law on conspiracy

How to deal with Informant evidence

How to deal with and bust gang-related misplaced loyalties

Instruction of psychologist

Following a 6 week Crown Court trial in which our client gave evidence in front of a jury, he was acquitted of the attempted murder with a unanimous verdict.

MPR solicitors were instructed because we offer specialist criminal defence expertise and a bespoke service to our clients. We match solicitor and barristers to each client according to their needs and type of case. We build a rapport with our clients and their families. We try to take the pressure away from our clients and their families in what is a very distressing time for them. We also specialise in advising and representing youths and their families. Often different considerations are required when dealing with youths.

We provide no nonsense clear advice and will develop a defence case strategy with our clients and will ensure that they are properly prepared for their trial.

We can be contacted 24/7 by calling our switchboard which is manned 24/7 on 020 3824 8080.

If you think MPR solicitors may be able to assist you or a family member then please feel free to contact us for an initial private consultation by calling 020 3824 8080 or email us at to book an appointment with one of our specialist criminal defence solicitors.