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MPR Solicitors secure no further action by police for High Wycombe family man

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Our client was being investigated by an elite special operations unit at New Scotland Yard for a gangland style kidnap and near execution. Armed officers carried out dawn raids across the South East which culminated in our client being arrested at his home address in High Wycombe.

MPR specialist criminal defence solicitors were immediately contacted to represent our client and his interests. We were able to handle the whole investigation from beginning to end and made several representations higher up the chain of command at New Scotland Yard about the manner in which the police investigation was being conducted. We were also able to secure the return of our client’s property very swiftly and ensured that all valuables were restored to him.

MPR Solicitors conducted an active defence and raised alibi. We were able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of police that our client was never in the vicinity of the kidnap nor did he have any relevant phone contact with any alleged co-conspirators to have masterminded the kidnap plot. After relentlessly pursuing the police over the investigation and its flaws, we were able to secure no further action against our client and all allegations were dropped against him.

Your defence begins at the police station and you are entitled to the solicitor of your choice. The police cannot force you to have a solicitor of their choosing or to use the services of a duty solicitor. A suspect has the right to choose his/her own solicitor and that representation is free of charge if being given under the provisions of legal aid. Legal Aid at the police station is not means tested which means everyone is eligible for free and independent legal advice from the solicitor of their choice.

At MPR Solicitors, we have established ourselves as being capable of representing our clients’ needs anywhere within England and Wales. We have access to a network of lawyers and specialists and our own solicitors will travel to police stations anywhere across the country to provide legal representation.*

*subject to the type of case and funding arrangements in place