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MPR solicitors secure acquittal in Surrey murder

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Our client was unanimously found Not Guilty by a jury at Isleworth Crown Court this month following a 2 week trial which took place under the new Covid-19 protocols for jury trials. We were one of the first murder cases in the country to be heard under the new pandemic provisions brought in by the Lord Chief Justice.

The case was also prepared under the difficult provisions of lock-down and working remotely.

The case involved strangulation as the cause of death and necessitated the instruction of leading experts in the areas of forensic pathology and blood pattern analysis to disprove that the client did not act in reasonable self-defence and did intend to kill or cause very serious harm to the deceased.

Whilst this was a relatively short trial, the complexity of the forensic evidence was significant. The Prosecution sought to rely heavily upon blood patterns on objects and items of clothing and pooling of blood at the crime scene to prove their case together with the cause of death being compression of the neck.

We identified from an early start having taken our client’s instructions that the forensic pathology would be the key to a successful defence to murder. Once a strategy had been put in place, we sought disclosure of a raft of important and significant documents, many of which had been buried under unused material or simply not disclosed to the defence in good time making it more difficult but not insurmountable for our defence team.

MPR solicitors were instructed because we offer specialist criminal defence expertise and a bespoke service to our clients. We match solicitor and barristers to each client according to their needs and type of case. We build a rapport with our clients and their families. We try to take the pressure away from our clients and their families in what is a very distressing time for them.

We provide no nonsense clear advice and will develop a defence case strategy with our clients and will ensure that they are properly prepared for their trial.

We can be contacted 24/7 by calling our switchboard which is manned 24/7 on 020 3824 8080.

If you think MPR solicitors may be able to assist you or a family member then please feel free to contact us for an initial remote private consultation by calling 020 3824 8080 or email us at to book an appointment with one of our specialist criminal defence solicitors.