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MPR Solicitors secure acquittal in attempted murder trial

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MPR Solicitors secure acquittal in attempted murder trial

July saw another success story for MPR Solicitors when an attempted murder trial collapsed at Isleworth Crown Court last week. Our client was charged with another co-defendant (who was separately represented by another firm of solicitors) with attempted murder on a man in Southall late last year. The trial had started 2 weeks earlier and after the close of the Prosecution case, our advocate took the view that the case had not been proved against our client sufficiently for it to go beyond half time. There were discussions with the Prosecution about this and our advocate was able to persuade the Prosecutor to formally offer no evidence against our client and drop the case against him failing which half-time submissions about no case to answer would be made to the Trial Judge. The Crown promptly offered no evidence against our client. The trial continues against the other co-defendant .

Our client was released from custody a free man.

This case was prepared by the Firm’s Complex Crime Team and the advocacy was conducted by a member of the Firm’s Crown Court Advocacy Team headed by Abdullah Al-Yunusi who is a senior barrister and partner at the Firm.