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MPR solicitors instructed in large-scale conspiracy to burgle in Portsmouth

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MPR solicitors were chosen for their expertise in defending complex and serious crime and in particular complicated conspiracy cases.

Our client is a local man from Portsmouth having been previously represented by a local law firm at the investigative stage. However, upon being charged, he researched law firms and chose MPR solicitors for our client care and results driven service.

Our solicitors are experts in their field and will robustly defend their clients’ cases. We instruct some of the best barristers from London Chambers to represent our clients.

We have defended clients in the most serious of cases involving large-scale conspiracies from burglary to drug importations and money laundering. Our lawyers have published articles on criminal law and our Managing Partner Seema Parikh was selected to the 2014 London Super Lawyers list which recognises a select few lawyers for their excellence in their field. Seema’s areas of practice recognised by Super Lawyers are Fraud, Crime and Business Affairs.

MPR specialist criminal defence solicitors in conspiracy cases will take cases on across England and Wales as we are not London-centric. We represent clients in London and the South East, Birmingham, Derby, Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, Newcastle, Bristol, Eastbourne, Portsmouth, Wales, in fact we can take on cases anywhere in the UK and globally depending on the nature of the case and how it funded.