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MPR solicitors instructed in Weybridge Murder case

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We have been instructed to represent a vulnerable individual charged with murder of another in Weybridge, Surrey. The case has received local and national media coverage.

The firm was selected for its highly personalised and professional approach towards its clients facing serious and complex charges.

The firm’s Serious and Complex Crime Team headed by 2 Partners with combined experience of over 40 years in criminal law will be conducting the case. The firm is well equipped to deal with sensitive cases requiring forensic acumen and a high level of scrutiny at every stage of the case and proceedings.

At MPR solicitors we believe in a symbiotic relationship between the legal team and the client and their family where applicable. The use of specialists in all areas of forensic science is often key to mounting a successful defence depending on the nature of the case.

MPR solicitors have over the years gathered a formidable team of leading barristers, lawyers, experts, and cyber specialists to call upon and assist with the preparation of defence cases.

We also know that this is an extremely distressing time for clients and their families and we pride ourselves in being understanding and pragmatic in the approach we take with our client’s cases.

If you think we could make a difference to your case or can assist by providing a second opinion, please contact us for a confidential initial consultation by asking for the Serious and Complex Crime Team on 020 3824 8080 or email us at

If the matter is urgent and you require urgent assistance, please ask to speak to one of the Partners or our Emergency Rapid Deployment Criminal Defence Team on 020 3824 8080 as we operate a 24 hour emergency line for clients who have been arrested or are the subjects of Dawn Raids.