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MPR Solicitors instructed in three serious kidnap matters

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MPR Solicitors LLP have been retained in three serious Kidnap cases in the last two weeks. Kidnap is a serious offence contrary to common law. It is one of the last serious offences such as homicide which has yet to be codified by any act of parliament. Such cases are very harshly sentenced where Defendants are convicted. It is therefore essential that clients benefit from expert representation from the outset of any such case to maintain every possible opportunity of success. Sound preparation, along with both practical and technical investigation are the key tenants to realising the best possible defence.

At MPR Solicitors, we have experience of dealing with the media. We have acted for entrepreneurs and professional entertainers. We are currently instructed to act for a semi-professional footballer facing serious kidnap allegations.

Kidnap and other serious offences often put significant stress not only on the client but also on immediate family and friends. We have extensive experience of handling serious kidnap and false imprisonment cases.