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MPR Solicitors instructed in Crimewatch case: hammer attack in North West London

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Millions of television viewers watched the CCTV clip of a male being viciously attacked outside a pub in North London. Following the broadcast of the high-profile television programme, our client contacted us with a view to handing himself in to the police.

We were able to negotiate with high-level officers and arranged for our client to be arrested by appointment at a time and place of his choice. We advised and negotiated for our client at every stage of the case in our endeavours to secure the best result for our client.

Although our client was charged for what appeared to be an unprovoked savage attack, against all the odds, we secured him bail at court and he was able to live with his family throughout the court proceedings.

We were able to successfully negotiate so that the client was not charged with attempted murder but grievous bodily harm instead.

The case involved hours of CCTV evidence taken from the location and surrounding areas. The incident took place at night and did involve others at various stages of the attack and fight. Through requests for secondary disclosure, we were able to obtain additional CCTV footage and even extracts from the Crimewatch footage that had not been aired in full on the live show. With all this and hours spent viewing it and analysing, we were able to prove that the incident was not an unprovoked isolated attack by our client but actually part of an on-going incident between two opposing groups. As a result of this, our client’s sentence was severely reduced by two thirds.

For more information about the case, follow the link: CLICK HERE