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MPR solicitors instructed by senior diplomat for pre-charge advice

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Seema Parikh, Partner specialising in Serious and Complex Crime from the Private Client Team at MPR solicitors has been instructed by a senior diplomat to advise and represent their interests and provide strategic pre-charge advice.

Pre-charge advice, whether prior to or after an arrest, is crucial in most criminal investigations and can make a significant difference to the outcome of a case if properly advised and pro-active steps taken.

Over the years, Seema Parikh has acted for a variety of individuals and entities at the pre-charge stage in criminal investigations and is convinced that strategic advice is key to a successful outcome. It is of course not always possible to avoid prosecution but one can successfully mitigate the prosecution outcome or potentially limit the overall scale of the charges.

In some cases it is also possible to avoid charge (s) completely resulting in no further action being taken or the case being dismissed at an early stage in proceedings should the case be charged.

At MPR solicitors, we have the experience and the expertise to provide highly skilled pre-charge advice. MPR solicitors have been successful over the years in providing pre-charge advice to individuals and corporates resulting in no prosecutions in cases involving serious fraud, money laundering, historic sexual offences, domestic violence/abuse cases, rape, murder, firearms, and conspiracy cases.

When might you require pre-charge advice?

Scenario 1: You have been contacted by the police to attend a voluntary interview which the police often describe as a “friendly chat” – please do not be lulled into a false sense of security. That “friendly chat” is a formal police interview under caution which is recorded and can be used in evidence at trial should you be charged with an offence.

Scenario 2: You were arrested in a dawn raid, did not have a solicitor at your first interview and have been bailed to come back to the police station. You are concerned about your case and the prospect of being charged.

Scenario 3: You were arrested and interviewed by police but were represented by a Duty Solicitor (free under Legal Aid) and you are unsure about whether you were given the correct advice and are worried about your case.

Scenario 4: You were arrested and interviewed and the police have now released you under investigation with no end date in sight.

Scenario 5: You were arrested and bailed to return to the police station pending further enquiries and you have been placed on stringent bail conditions which are adversely affecting your personal life/career/employment.

Scenario 6: You are of previous good character with no convictions/cautions and cannot afford to end up with a conviction.

Scenario 7: You are in a profession or work within an industry where you must retain a clean record.

Scenario 8: You are a HNW or High Profile Figure and must avoid or limit the damage to your reputation.

Scenario 9: There is a warrant out for your arrest. The police have come knocking on your door and left a calling card to contact them.

Scenario 10: You have been asked to attend the police station by appointment when you will be arrested and taken into custody.


There are many more scenarios of when you may need pre-charge advice from a specialist criminal solicitor but if any of the above scenarios match what you or a close family member of friend are facing, then chances are you will need specialist pre-charge advice.

At MPR solicitors we can make that difference to your case. Please contact us for independent and impartial specialist pre-charge advice and we can arrange for an initial remote consultation with one of our experienced criminal lawyers.
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