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MPR secures outstanding sentencing results in Crown Court

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In September 2012, a defendant with previous convictions for violence faced sentencing at Kingston Crown Court having pleaded guilty to a GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm) on a member of the Armed Forces. After obtaining medical expert reports and character references, our head of advocacy Abdullah Al-Yunusi was able to persuade the sentencing Judge through powerful mitigation that the Defendant should not receive a custodial sentence. The Court was persuaded and our client received a suspended sentence.

Another client faced sentence in respect of several conspiracy charges at Guildford Crown Court where it was alleged he had supplied under-cover police officers with class A and B drugs. The case had been prepared fully to trial and on the first day of trial, the Prosecution were persuaded by our barrister to drop the conspiracy charges and accept just three substantive counts to possession with intent to supply. The Crown gave in and our client changed his plea. He was then sentenced following the preparation of a pre-sentence report and after hearing mitigation put forward and the Judge sentenced him to a 12 month community order, thereby avoiding what everyone believed would be an inevitable custodial sentence.

The prosecution wanted to appeal the sentence as they felt it was too lenient and he should have received a prison sentence. However, because our client had pleaded guilty to substantive charges instead of the conspiracy charges, the Prosecution were unable to appeal the sentence to the Attorney-General’s office because the charges were either way offences and not indictable only ones as previously charged.
Abdullah Al-Yunusi our barrister and senior partner represented this client and was able to successfully negotiate a favourable basis of plea with the Prosecution on behalf of his client and obtain quite a remarkable non-custodial sentence.

In another case at Guildford Crown Court, we were able to secure a suspended sentence order for 18 months on behalf of a client who was being sentenced for a large-scale conspiracy to cultivate and produce cannabis plants. She was the only defendant who received a non-custodial sentence.

At MPR Solicitors, we believe that it is essential that clients are guided through the sentencing process and advised on how to conduct themselves with the probation service in the preparation of pre-sentence reports. We also advise clients on obtaining character references and medical evidence if required. We are also pro-active in pushing for advantageous deals for our clients with the prosecution and negotiate favourable basis of plea terms where necessary. At every step through the proceedings, we guide, advise and assist our clients and their family.