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MPR secures acquittal on attempted murder trial

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Our professional client faced attempted murder and s18 Grievous Bodily Harm with intent following an argument outside a famous venue which resulted in our client driving a vehicle at the victim and causing life threatening and changing injuries.

The case was meticulously prepared by our Private Client Team and a senior barrister from a top London Chambers with whom we work closely with was instructed as the trial advocate.

We prepared our client for the trial process and guided him all the way through the case from initial representation at the police station which is where a proactive defence really starts all the way through to the trial.

 The advice at the police station was crucial in this case and our trial advocate was able to make use of the client’s early version of events on his arrest. It was impossible for the Prosecution to allege any recent fabrication around the evidence served which is often the case if a client has been advised to exercise their right of silence at the police station stage of the investigation without any good reasons or without the rendering of a prepared statement.

At MPR solicitors we are used to and committed to acting for professional clients where a conviction however minor or serious could have life and career changing ramifications including travel to the US and emigration to Australia.

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