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MPR secure dismissal in Armed Robbery case at Isleworth Crown Court

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MPR’s serious and complex crime team secured another victory in the Crown Court this month. Our client was charged with armed robbery that is alleged to have happened in Surrey. All the evidence was circumstantial save for DNA and fingerprint evidence on what the Prosecution stated were key exhibits in the case which demonstrated that the defendant was in the vehicle used for the robbery. Another key part of the Crown’s case was that the robber had a South London accent. Despite initial representations made to the Crown Prosecution Service that they had charged the wrong person and that their investigation had been flawed, the proceedings continued against our client.

MPR solicitors took the pro-active defence approach and instructed several experts in different fields of forensic science to discredit the Crown’s case and to show that the evidence could not possibly lead to the Defendant. Expert evidence included transferable DNA/fingerprint and cell site evidence. The defence team also traced and proofed alibi witnesses and during every stage of the proceedings challenged the Crown’s evidence. We were able to demonstrate that the Crown’s case was so weak that the case ought to be dismissed.

One of the other key pieces of evidence was that the robber had a South London accent whereas our client who was British but was raised in American schools abroad had a transatlantic twang that could not possibly be mistaken for a South London accent. The Crown claimed that the robber had masked his voice. A week prior to trial, the CPS conceded the defence position and applied for the charges to be dismissed against our client.

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