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MPR instructed in courier fraud following Encrochat hack by law enforcement agencies

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Following the recent successful hack by the NCA (National Crime Agency) acting together with other world wide law enforcement agencies MPR Solicitors have been instructed to act in a case for one of the defendants charged with a conspiracy to money launder the proceeds and his involvement in a series of courier frauds.

The allegations involve suspects working together in a criminal enterprise contacting mainly elderly victims by telephone and purporting to be calling from their bank, police or even the NCA. A 'rapport' would be built up and significant sums of monies were defrauded and laundered using a complex layering to avoid the attention of the authorities. 

Encrochat phones are basically modified Android phones with most models using  the - BQ Aquarius X2 handset which was released by a Spanish electronics company in 2018.

Prior to June 2020 Encrochat phones offered an encrypted communication facility to those seeking utmost privacy and confidentiality in the use of communications which was also utilised by many organised crime networks as it allowed communication which was not susceptible to being monitored by law enforcement authorities or security services with the obvious advantages that this provided.

If you are worried about or have been arrested following the use of an Encrochat phone or encrypted device then please contact us for our expert and specialist legal advice. MPR Solicitors are experts in cases involving the use of telecommunications and the use of encrypted devices involves involves specialist knowledge in defending these cases which many high street solicitors will not be familiar with please contact us for a confidential fixed fee remote consultation with one of our highly experienced criminal defence lawyers. Email us on or call our offices 24/7 on 020 3824 8080 and we will be pleased to assist you.

We provide a confidential emergency enquiry line that is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year including Christmas Day. For more information please contact us in the strictest of confidence for an initial consultation or a second opinion on or call us on 020 3824 8080