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MPR instructed in firearms and ammunition case in Thames Valley

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The firm was instructed for its expertise in Firearms Law and defending Firearms Offences which can in itself be a complex minefield incorporating various pieces of legislation and schedules and regulations. Our client was an avid collector of antiques and Military Re-enactment memorabilia and replica and real firearms. His premises were raided by armed units and a stash of weaponry and large quantities of ammunition and spent cartridges were found.

Having challenged the prosecution case and considered the expert reports of the TVP Force Armourer, we were able to successfully argue in court that the only weapon that could be considered a prohibited firearm (from the dozens found) under the Firearms Act 1968 was a shortened shotgun capable of being fired (sawn off). This may sound simple but in fact is a complex area of law which requires technical expertise of the workings of a firearm and its constituent parts and the dimensions and firing capabilities.

We were also able to persuade a Judge in the Crown Court through carrying out a pro-active defence that the client had not used the weapons or the large quantity of ammunition found in any criminal activity. After hearing mitigation on the client’s behalf the Judge only sentenced the client to 2 years for being in possession of the prohibited firearm and 2 years 8 months to the possession of ammunition to run concurrently as opposed to consecutively which he could easily have done had he been so minded.

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