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London Flying Squad prosecution - case discontinued against MPR client

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We can now reveal that in September 2010 our client was charged along with 3 others in a conspiracy to commit armed robbery and was due to stand trial at Isleworth Crown Court. The case was being prosecuted by the Specialist Crime Directorate (7) more commonly known as the Flying Squad known for their robust investigation of targeted criminal gangs and the Special Casework Directorate at the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service).

Flying Squad officers had targeted individuals and had kept them under surveillance. This case involved a high speed car-chase up the motorway to the North of England. Flying Squad officers knocked the convoy of targeted cars headed North and found a firearm, balaclavas, ski-masks and other paraphernalia associated with robbery in the boot of one of the vehicles. All suspects were arrested and taken back South for police interviews and subsequently charged. One suspect managed to escape from the scene and was at large for several weeks until he was apprehended by police.

We were able to convince a court to grant our client bail at the first hearing in the Magistrates Court despite vigorous opposition by the Prosecution. The other defendants in this case who were not represented by MPR were not granted bail and were remanded into custody.

Our client instructed us that he was the victim of an elaborate set-up by a supergrass (paid police informant) who sought revenge against our client’s associate. He denied any involvement in a conspiracy to commit armed robbery. His defence team was headed by Seema Parikh joint-head of MPR’s Serious and Complex Crime Department. Due to the sensitive nature of police informant evidence and our diplomatic pre-trial negotiations with the Prosecution, the Crown were persuaded not to pursue the case against our client and the case against him was dismissed at an early stage.