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London becomes safe haven for Russian oligarchs and dissidents

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“A court ruling this month that blocked the extradition of a Russian woman strengthened London’s attraction as a safe-haven for Russian dissidents and industrialists” says Seema Parikh of MPR Solicitors, specialist solicitors in Extradition and Mutual Assistance based close to Heathrow and Central London.

The chief Magistrate Judge Howard Riddle at the specialist extradition court which sits at Westminster Magistrates Court refused the application for extradition of a Russian woman on the grounds that she would be a real risk of suffering and ill treatment at the hands of the Russian authorities as the prison conditions in Russia were woefully poor. The judge went on to say that in future “it is likely that a similar approach will be taken to Russian Federation cases”. This means that Russia would have to give specific undertakings about the conditions in which the prisoner would be held or would have to show evidence that conditions had improved. Otherwise all extraditions to Russia are likely to be refused. This is extremely significant and comes at a time when wealthy Russian tycoons are being allowed to remain in the UK whilst fleeing criminal cases in Russia.

The law of extradition and mutual assistance is a very specialist area and it is imperative that proper specialist advice is sought in the first instance. At MPR Solicitors, due to our proximity to Heathrow Airport and offices in Central London, our specialist extradition solicitors can advise and represent clients. We can attend the airport to meet you in person before attending Westminster Magistrates Court which is where all extradition cases are heard. MPR Solicitors operate an emergency 24 hour extradition law telephone line where you can consult with a specialist extradition lawyer over the phone, via Skype, via email or in some cases in person at a location to suit you.