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MPR solicitors instructed to defend in high profile murder case at Old Bailey

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The Firm has been instructed to defend a youth charged with murder and attempted murder and the case will involve complex issues of joint enterprise and forensic evidence including pathological, toxicology and cell site evidence.

MPR solicitors has vast experience in dealing with homicide cases and the firm’s dedicated criminal defence solicitors in the Serious and Complex Crime Team are always on hand in emergencies to assist clients and their families in the most serious of cases.

The Firm’s Managing Partner Seema Parikh will lead the defence team. She has years of experience defending serious and complex crime particularly those involving serious offences and complex defences.

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MPR solicitors specialise in some of the following areas relating to murder and homicide cases:

  • Youth Gang Crime involving weapons, bladed articles, knives, guns and MAC-10s
  • Joint Enterprise Cases
  • Gangland Crimes and related offences such as shootings, executions and stabbings
  • Large-scale conspiracies
  • Conspiracy to murder
  • Baby shaking cases involving SIDS (unexplained deaths in infants) and cases involving scientific and medical evidence