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HMRC furlough scheme fraud defence

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Up to £3.5 billion may have been paid out to companies and individuals for fraudulent claims in relation to the government's coronavirus job retention scheme and other coronavirus financial support schemes such as bounce back loans and grants. HMRC have put together a taskforce to investigate and prosecute those who they suspect have cheated and defrauded the public purse.

If you suspect that you may have inadvertently claimed for grants and received money that you may not have been entitled to and want to take remedial action and sort out your affairs then contact us to see what we can do for you.

At MPR Solicitors we have put our team on alert to respond those who will be targeted in order to put an effective and active defence forward and protect you and your company.

If you have been contacted by the investigative authorities or HMRC in relation to any aspect of your financial support package then you should contact our fraud team for a consultation on or 0203 203 8080.
We are able to help and assist our clients throughout the England & Wales in relation to all fraud and tax investigations.