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Conspiracy to commit armed robbery charge dropped at Kingston Crown Court

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Flying Squad officers swooped on our client accused of masterminding and committing an armed robbery in a well known West London shopping centre. Charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery with others, he was initially remanded into custody but we were able to secure him bail. First hurdle over, the next was to analyse the prosecution case and pick holes in the evidential links. We were able to demonstrate through case analysis, legal argument and a tenacious desire to act in the best interests of our client that no conspiracy existed.

We were able to successfully negotiate appropriate pleas with the Crown so that our client’s conspiracy charge was dropped and in its place he took a plea to simple theft. This meant a huge difference in sentencing and we were able to secure through good mitigation a sentence of just 18 months compared to one of over 14 years imprisonment.

At MPR Solicitors, we specialise in large-scale conspiracy cases involving firearms, drugs, money laundering and people trafficking. Our recent case portfolio stands testimony to this. We give solid and honest legal advice and will defend our clients with tenacity always striving to achieve the best possible results. For no-nonsense, clear, effective advice, call us in complete confidence on 0203 824 8080 and ask to speak to one of our specialist conspiracy solicitors in the Complex Crime Team.