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Client "acquitted" at pre-charge stage in complex fraud

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Our professional client was arrested in a dawn raid on suspicious of fraud by abuse of position and money laundering over 6 months ago. The case involved a complex myriad of transactions and historical factual issues spanning 15 years.

We were chosen for our expertise in defending serious and complex fraud and for our expert pre-charge advice.

We developed a pre-charge defence strategy, conducted a proactive defence which consisted of effectively investigating the allegations from a defence angle: tracing and interviewing defence witnesses, preparing financial audits of transactions to show the source of monies between 8 bank accounts, locating and instructing experts, taking a detailed prepared statement from our client, obtaining a leading QC’s written opinion on the compiled defence documents and making written representations to the police and CPS. We also compiled a very comprehensive and detailed defence dossier for the police.

The whole effect and outcome was to successfully persuade the police and CPS to drop the investigation against our client.

Pre-charge advice is crucial in many cases and it is certainly worth consulting a criminal defence firm specialising in offering pre-charge advice such as MPR solicitors as it could make the difference between being charged and effectively being “acquitted” at the early stages of an investigation.

If you would like Pre-charge advice please call us in complete confidence to arrange a fixed fee consultation on 0208 607 4660 to see how MPR solicitors could make a difference for you.