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Body in ditch murder - MPR defence solicitor instructed

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MPR have been retained to represent one of the suspects held in custody at a police station in Surrey in the Body in Ditch Murder investigation in the Thames Ditton area. Click here to see media reports: BBCITV.

Managing Partner Seema Parikh who is a specialist criminal defence solicitor has been personally instructed to represent  a suspect detained in police custody at the weekend over an allegation of murder. Seema has represented individuals at police stations across the country and deals with serious offences such as money laundering, Operation Trident murder investigations, drugs conspiracies, VAT fraud and Firearms offences amongst others.

At MPR Solicitors, we believe in Partner-led defence in all serious cases and are on hand 24 hours a day to advise and assist on a case. A case such as this requires a depth of professional experience and expertise in order to analyse the police case and to offer robust legal representation to ensure the rights of the detained are not being abused by the police authorities. A person’s defence begins at the police station.