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MPR solicitors secure suspended sentence order for 30 counts of fraud

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Our client was charged and pleaded guilty to 30 charges of fraud by false representation. She was expecting a prison sentence. However, MPR solicitors were instructed to fully advise, represent and secure a non-custodial sentence if possible.

The case on the face of it looked relatively straightforward but once the MPR team got involved, experts were instructed and legal submissions were made to the sentencing judge. Click to See Media report.

In the end our client got the result she wanted: she had avoided a custodial sentence.

At MPR Solicitors, we fully understand the stress and anxiety our clients face when dealing with criminal proceedings. All our solicitors are experienced at client care and understanding. We treat all our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve whilst remaining professional and strategic in our advice.

Our firm’s Client Relationship Partner Seema Parikh takes great pride in the way we treat our clients and build solid lasting relationships. Each client will always be given the mobile phone number of the solicitor who has conduct of their case and they will always have access to our 24 hour emergency number whereby clients of the firm can access specialist legal advice 24/7.