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MPR solicitors instructed in large scale drugs supply case and money laundering

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MPR solicitors instructed in large scale drugs supply case and money laundering

Specialist Metropolitan Police Task Force raided our client’s home address under a drugs warrant. Unbeknown to our client, a large amount of drugs were found and seized from an outbuilding on the 100 acre estate used by workers. The client’s family members were arrested and questioned by police. Large quantities of designer jewellery and watches were seized by police during the raid. A selection of luxury cars were also impounded.

MPR solicitors were instructed to negotiate the release of the jewellery, watches and cars. We were also instructed to arrange the surrender of our client to the police authorities as he was out of the jurisdiction when the raid was conducted.

Our Complex Dispute Resolution Team headed by Seema Parikh, Managing Partner at the firm, successfully negotiated a voluntary interview for our client which meant that he was not arrested and not taken into custody for the police interview under caution. He was then released pending further enquiries and is not subject to any bail conditions.

In the meantime, MPR solicitors advised the client and his family how to successfully secure the return of the luxury vehicles and designer jewellery which had been seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

MPR solicitors are specialists in cash seizures, confiscation, Proceeds of Crime Act cases and all financial and drugs investigations. We regularly deal with cases involving the Serious Crime Directorate of the CPS and the City of London Fraud Squad.