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MPR solicitors instructed by a suspect in Hayes murder investigation

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Dawn raid by police caused the arrest of our client on allegations of being involved in the murder of a man in Hayes. Our client was one of several arrested for the murder.

Due to the seriousness of the case, one of our Specialist Criminal Defence Solicitors from the Serious and Complex Crime Team went to advise and represent our client on the murder. We were directly instructed by our client who did not wish to use the free services of the local duty solicitor preferring to use our specialist defence services.

As the investigation involved several arrests, several police interviews and multiple lines of enquiry, the police decided to extend the detention time by applying to court for a warrant of further detention. They requested a further full 24 hours. One of our specialist solicitors experienced in defending murder and conspiracy to murder cases, challenged the application made by the police. It was an opportunity to cross-examine the senior investigating officer to ascertain why the full 24 hours was being requested. Part of the techniques that we use in such applications is to obtain and elicit further information from the investigation which the police were originally reluctant to disclose through relentless cross-examination. It takes an astute criminal defence solicitor to ask the right questions to glean the additional information which can be very useful in defending a client who is suspected of the offence.

By gaining additional information from the court proceedings, we were able to conduct our own defence enquiries whilst our client was in custody and were able to prove to the police that our client could not possible have been involved by putting forward credible alibi witnesses and making representations to the police to pursue cell site and phone downloads for specific handsets.

As a result of our expertise in defending serious crimes such as murder, MPR solicitors were able firstly to successfully argue against the full 24 hours extension which was reduced to just 6 hours and consequently, we made further representations so that our client was the first suspect to be released on police bail.

It should be noted that not all criminal defence solicitors (particularly duty solicitors) have experience in defending serious offences like murder, conspiracy cases, serious fraud, extradition, corruption and bribery offences to name but a few, but at MPR solicitors, we are specialists in the whole spectrum of criminal defence and all our solicitors have the requisite knowledge and experience to deal with the most complex and serious of cases.

If you think MPR solicitors could assist you or someone you know who has been arrested for an offence or is being investigated by the authorities or has been charged, then please contact us to see how we could make a difference to the case.

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