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MPR solicitors appointed to advise Board of Trustees of Mosque in the North of England

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The Firm has been retained by the Board of Trustees to advise a prominent Mosque in the North of England on a variety of legal issues including a police investigation into the activities of a mosque official.

Our solicitors are able to advise on a range of commercial and business issues including damage reputation and business crime.

We can also arrange to provide seminars or talks on hot legal topics which may be of relevance to community leaders, youth workers and those working with the wider community such as the Powers of the Police, Stop and Search, s7 of the Terrorism Act, FGM investigations and honour crime.

We work alongside foreign lawyers including those specialising in Sharia and Islamic law and legal issues. Often cases can take an international dimension and we are specialists in the field with the facility and know-how to engage professional relations with law firms across the Middle East and the Asian Sub-Continent.