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MPR secures acquittal in conspiracy to commit murder at Birmingham Crown Court

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Following a 3 month trial with 10 defendants all charged with various conspiracies to commit murder, GHB and conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs, our client was unanimously acquitted of the conspiracy to commit murder.

The case was being litigated by one of our senior solicitors from the Firm’s Complex Crime Team and supervised by our Managing Partner Seema Parikh. The advocacy was conducted by a QC and barrister from a leading set of Chambers with offices in London and Birmingham.

The case involved a myriad of complex trial issues: forensic, the law on conspiracy, joint enterprise, cell site and phone billing data, DNA and surveillance. As in most complex cases, disclosure issues were also complex in this case.

We pride ourselves in advancing pro-active defences and will work with our clients to put forward a unified defence team. We ask for input from our clients and prepare detailed case plans to be used amongst the defence team members.

We often put a team together of paralegals and senior support staff when required depending on the volume of evidence served in a case. Sometimes the paperwork can mount up with cases consisting of thousands of pages of evidence served on encrypted discs for electronic data protection.

We have flexible working patterns and can match our services to the needs of our individual clients. We are a niche London firm but are well known in the West Midlands for a robust and professional reputation and we take on and defend complex cases from around the country and overseas.

Our lawyers regularly represent individuals, corporate entities, SMEs, company directors and professionals in all aspects of Regulatory, Financial and Serious Crime.

We can offer a combination of fixed fees and hourly rates. If you are on a limited budget, then we can offer a Pay as You Go method of funding for specific targeted advice at any stage in your case with guidance on what you can do yourself to save on costs. This may not always be suitable in many cases where trials have been fixed but we are happy to assist where we can on a limited basis.

For those who are eligible for legal aid, we do hold a Crime Franchise with the Legal Aid Agency. We are also members of the Government’s accredited VHCC Panel which enables us to litigate the most serious and complex cases on legal aid.  The majority of firms who hold a legal aid crime franchise are not members of the VHCC Panel as they do not have the necessary expertise or resources to take on complex criminal cases.