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MPR advocate secures acquittal at Southwark Crown Court in drugs conspiracy case

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Another success for the in-house advocacy team at MPR Solicitors in a drugs conspiracy case. Our client was from the North of England and selected us for our no nonsense approach and pro-active defence work.

The case was litigated by an MPR solicitor from the Complex Crime Department and the client was represented at trial by one of our senior in-house advocates. The trial took on some tricky twists and turns and on the tactical advice of our advocate, the client was advised not to give evidence at his trial. This is often a very difficult choice to make for both client and advocate. In this case the meticulous and robust cross-examination techniques of our advocate paved the way for that tactical decision to be made. It worked and a jury unanimously acquitted our client of these serious charges.

At MPR Solicitors, we offer our clients a totally bespoke in-house seamless service from advice pre-charge all the way up to representation in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal. Our solicitors and in-house advocates offer a wealth of expertise and experience in all areas of criminal defence work and Business Crime. We have the personnel to take your case all the way to the Supreme Court and Europe without the need to outsource to a barristers’ chambers. In some cases, this can save significant sums in legal fees as there would be no duplication of work if the same in-house team prepare and litigate the case.

All of our advocates are experienced in trial advocacy in complex conspiracy drugs cases and money laundering cases in Crown Courts across England and Wales. A lot of our cases have an international dimension often requiring enquiries overseas.

We never compromise on quality and expertise. Our clients appreciate our hard work and dedication to their cases.

For those on a limited budget or eligible for legal aid in complex and serious crown court cases, we do hold a legal aid franchise and are members of the VHCC Panel which is a Government accredited panel allowing member firms to litigate complex and large cases under legal aid. Only firms that are members of the VHCC Panel can take those particular types of cases on under legal aid. That means the majority of criminal legal aid law firms across the country are not members of the VHCC Panel as they do not have that depth of experience, expertise or the resources to take on complex cases.