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MPR Solicitors secure acquittal at Kingston Crown Court on false imprisonment charges

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Our client was charged with kidnap and false imprisonment and faced trial in the Crown Court.

This was a serious case in which the consequences would have been substantial if our client had been convicted.

We put together a cohesive defence team and prepared the case in every detail.

Our client was unanimously acquitted at Kingston Crown Court.

If you or a family member or friend are being investigated for any serious offence or have been charged, please feel free to contact us in complete confidence to see if we can make a difference to the case. At MPR Solicitors, we offer a totally bespoke service based upon your needs. We can offer a range of fixed fees or hourly rates or a combination of the two depending upon your requirements. We have also introduced a “Pay as you Go” service which allows you to pay your legal fees in instalments or in stages in the proceedings. This allows you to budget for your case.

Please bear in mind that legal aid in criminal proceedings in means tested and in a lot of cases, you would have to fund your case on a private basis or be subject to hefty contributions. For those who are eligible for legal aid, MPR solicitors hold a criminal franchise from the Legal Aid Agency which allows us to take on publicly funded criminal defence work (which can be limited in the type of service you can expect to receive).