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2013 MPR instructed in 11 defendant SOCA drugs conspiracy case in crown court

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2013 MPR instructed in 11 defendant SOCA drugs conspiracy case in crown court

To start the New Year, MPR specialist criminal defence solicitors have been instructed in a multi-handed drugs conspiracy case at the crown court. The SOCA case is due to be joined to another trial in a West London Crown Court and involves many months of covert surveillance and cell site evidence.

The case will be prepared for trial by the Firm’s Complex and Serious Crime Team headed by Senior Partner Abdullah Al-Yunusi.

The client specifically chose MPR Solicitors as he wanted a senior barrister to lead the defence team at an early stage. Abdullah is a senior barrister and prior to joining MPR Solicitors as Senior Partner, practiced as a barrister in a top ranking Barristers Chambers for many years. He is now in dual practice which allows him to practice at the Bar and be a Partner at MPR Solicitors. He brings his wealth of trial advocacy experience to the firm and has a leading role in enhancing the firm’s reputation for robust and effective legal representation.

If you are being investigated or have been charged with a drugs conspiracy or money laundering conspiracy, you need specialist criminal defence solicitors who know what to do. MPR Solicitors have that wealth of experience and our Managing Partner Seema Parikh has written a no-nonsense guide to defending conspiracy cases which can be viewed here: Click to Read

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